Behind the Numbers - 30 - Sunir Shah - Behind The Numbers with Sunir Shah

00:26:14Added: 11.08.2022

Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Sunir Shah, Founder and CEO of AppBind. AppBind helps digital marketing agencies manage software and ads for their clients in order to win long-term, high-value, service contracts without getting stuck in the middle of the client’s billing. Their revolutionary app has created a solution many service-based businesses need.

In this episode, Sunir shares how AppBind was started as a result of being fired by a client and what he learned from that experience that has led him to become a successful entrepreneur. We’re also discussing the real problem that clients want solved when they engage you.

If you’re in a service-oriented business and think that you’re selling labor and technical abilities, this CEO might have you rethinking your pitch!

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