Between 2 Shades - 7 - Antonio Daza - Between 2 Shades with Antonio Daza

00:28:32Added: 28.09.2022

Between Two Shades, Uncovering the Grey Optic is a show which forces the viewer to consider multiple sides to many common or controversial issues. It expands the viewer’s field of vision to provide an alternative explanation of an issue or event. Cleve Clarke, Host of the show, invites his viewers and guests to confront their personal perceptions. 

Today Cleve is joined by Antonio Daza, the Democratic Nominee for Georgia’s 11th District!  

This show explores the view, from the ground, of a candidate running for Congress of the United States. The optics of this show focuses on the aspirations of an individual who wants to bring a new approach for addressing the needs of his constituency.