Financial Planning: Explained - 9 - Maximizing Social Security Benefits I - Financial Planning Explained – Maximizing Social Security Benefits I

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This week on Financial Planning: Explained, host Michael Menninger, CFP starts a new series called Case Studies. These case studies are designed to touch on scenarios that could occur and provide unique strategies on how to handle such situations. This week’s episode provides two different case studies. The first cast study discusses Maximizing Social Security Benefits. There are many different facets when it comes to Social Security, and everyone’s situation is unique. In this scenario, an individual needed to clear hurdles to begin Social Security before Full Retirement Age in order to claim a benefit for his minor child. The second case study reveals a woman who was laid off from work, but through an evaluation of her financial situation, it served as an opportunity for her to retire and begin collecting Social Security benefits. Check out this episode for some ideas that may benefit you when it comes to maximizing your social security.

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