Financial Planning: Explained - 21 - Gene Goldman Part I - Financial Planning Explained with Gene Goldman Part I

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Inflation and rising interest rates have wreaked havoc on the markets so far this year. Why, and will this continue? This week is Part I of an exciting and timely two-part series on Financial Planning: Explained. In this two-part series, Host Michael Menninger, CFP® welcomes Gene Goldman, CFA. Gene is the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research of Cetera Investment Management. 

Gene and Mike discuss a variety of topics including: the current state of the markets, the inflation issue in the current economy, and the indicators used to determine these factors. Part I reviews where we are in the economy to date. While Part II, airing next week, Mike and Gene discuss where we expect to go from here. These are MUST-SEE episodes for those who have any type of investments in the markets.

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