The Ausome Show - 3 - L Vonne McMillan - The Ausome Show with L’Vonne McMillan

00:26:40Added: 06.06.2022

As a Father of an 14 year old who is on the Autism spectrum, Jamiel Owens is truly an advocate for his son Shayne and other Autism parents. “The Ausome show ” has inspired Jamiel to take up his space as a dedicated father and activist through his interaction with others and paved the way for his presence as an African-American father of a child with special needs to “speak up and speak out” to and from a perspective that is often silent. Jamiel believes “fathers’ souls are the key to embracing and truly loving their “Ausome” child.” Join Jamiel as he sits down with his guest L’Vonne McMillan, Founder/Owner of Advocate for Me, LLC.