Unwinding Stress - 17 - Aya Kamānakai Iwasaki & Rasa Tavangar, LMFT - Unwinding Stress with Aya Kamānakai Iwasaki & Rasa Tavangar, LMFT

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Join Dr. Kevin Gyurina each and every Sunday and Monday at 9:30am as he dives in with interviews, demonstrations and discussions on Holistic Healing and self-care. He shares methods on the art of turning pain into power & problems into profit to help you navigate your life to live more empowered by introducing you to the products, principles, practices and professionals that aid in restoring internal balance & wholeness holistically so that you may thrive to be living your best life!
Today he is joined by Rasa Tavangar, LMFT, Holistic Psychotherapy with Rasa and Pleasure Coach, Aya Kamānakai Iwasaki!

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