Where All Things Are Possible - 36 - Tracey Watts Cirino and the Boys - Where All Things Are Possible with Tracey Watts Cirino + the Boys

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On this episode we have #1 Best-Selling Authors Tracey, Dominic, and Christopher Cirino!

On this episode of Where All Things Are Possible we discuss how to capture creativity when the opportunity is there, and the magic that can come from believing in possibility. Tracey is a speaker, business strategist, and mother who fully supports her kids’ ideas and dreams. She fosters an environment for them to learn through experiences. Christopher is an almost 9 year old who wrote The Winter Owl to make people happy and help them believe in magic. Dominic is an 11 year old who wrote this book because he has always wanted to be a sorcerer. Find out how they did it and where they plan to take it next!

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