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The Prospect

Newest Episode: 4 - Welcome Tyler

THE PROSPECT is a comedic sports talk show featuring 4 hosts - James Messina, George III, Shane Sullivan and Dan Piscopio. The crew will discuss the latest stories circling the sports world providing golden analysis as well as unearthing a legendary golden prediction (which is guarded by James and George until the reveal at the show’s end). The golden predictions are planted anonymously by one of the hosts - yearning to be dug up and revealed to the world before every big sports week. Time will dictate the value of these relics. The host who plants the week’s golden prediction will be revealed the next week - and the vicious cycle continues.

Join Author, Motivational Speaker, and Former Philadelphia Eagle, Kevin Reilly, for discussions with his former teammates and others in the world of sports for fascinating stories about overcoming obstacles in their life as well as their career in sports.

Morning Coffee hosts Hope Horwitz and Mike Barreto discuss hot topics, current events and sports every Friday!

Morning Coffee hosts, Justin Deal and Joe Silva, discuss hot topics, current events, technology and sports with Markus Thomas, Former Running Back for the Philadelphia Eagles, every Thursday!
Game Time Sports goes deeper into how sports has influenced the lives of athletes and coaches.  We discuss how the experience of competition and teamwork has shaped their perspective. It's about life inside and outside the lines.
Morning Coffee hosts Mark Iorio and Lisa Manyoky talk current events and hot topics every Wednesday.
Morning Coffee hosts Joe Asumendi and Al Cini have moved to MONDAYS!! They talk current events and hot topics, and Dan Piscopio joins them to talk sports.
Morning Coffee hosts Krista Smolda and Keith Reynolds talk current events, hot topics, and sports every Tuesday!

Public Relations Professional, Jim DeLorenzo, talks to successful people varying in several different areas of work, who share their insight and stories about getting to where they are today.

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